Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

As the season is about to get underway, one thing is true today: every team has hope. With that said here are the things I am hoping for this Bucco's season.
  • The Jones / McGehee ends before it gets started. Jones and McGehee have both had differing amounts of success in the big leagues. McGehee even has a 100 RBI season under his belt; I however would like to see the Pirates give Matt Hague a shot. He has raked at all levels of play where he has been given a shot and earned the nickname "Hit Collector". I say let him play and hopefully he can continue to rake.
  • Pedro plays up to his potential. Let's be clear his season last year was an abject failure. He was awful in every aspect of the game. If he can rebound to hit even a little bit with some power fans all over the city will be more than overjoyed, as will I.
  • Presley and Tabata set the table. Both of the projected starters in the corner outfield positions project as contact hitters with speed. I am ok with this so long as the get on base consistently, wreak havoc, and score runs they can be very productive. Also both need to remain healthy
  • Cutch takes a superstar turn. Andrew McCuctchen has signed a long term extension; now if he can continue his progress and continue to be one of the best players in the game.

Let's Go Bucs!


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